WorkPay Graduates from Y Combinator (YC) W2020 Class


WorkPay Graduates from Y Combinator (YC) W2020 Class

Today 16th March 2020 marks the end of an intense 3 months program we have been going through in Silicon Valley. We have been fortunate enough to be among the few start-ups from Africa to Join the winter 2020 YC program. We have received $150,000 investment from Y Combinator as part of the program.

Y Combinator (YC)  is a startup fund and program. Since 2005, YC has invested in over 2,000 companies, and the combined valuation of YC companies is over $155B. YC has programs and resources that support founders throughout the life of their company. The YC batch program helps founders as they build their product, talk to their customers, and raise funding.

We got into YC on our second attempt which is common with most companies who join the program. Most companies apply multiple times before getting accepted.

We are thrilled to have YC back us and join us on our mission of ensuring employees are paid on time always. We are doing this by providing businesses with simple tools for time tracking, payroll processing and bulk salaries disbursements to banks and mobile wallets.

We are working with more than 250 Small and medium sized businesses enabling then to affordable and accurately pay their over 20,000 employees on time every month. Businesses working with us save between 5%-10% costs associated with payroll processing by eliminating fraud and errors in their payroll systems.

Today we join the expansive YC alumni network. We could not have wished to be in any better company than this as we look to scale our product across our borders.

Shout out to our customers and partners for your continued support. We promise to over and beyond our promise.

In the coming weeks I will share on:

  • Our YC W2020 application journey/process
  • Our YC Interview experience
  • Our YC W2020 experience.

Statistics about YC

  • 2000+ companies funded
  • 5,000 founders/alumni
  • $155B in combined valuation
  • 102 companies valued at $100M+
  • 17 companies valued at $1B+
  • 50,000+ jobs created via top 100 YC companies (by valuation)

Other Resources programs from YC

  • Startup School: Teaches the basics of starting a company.
  • Work at a Startup: Makes it easy for founders to find their first engineers.
  • YC Series A: Helps founders launch their A round.
  • YC Growth Program: Provides founders with resources to scale their companies and hire an executive team.
  • YC Continuity:  Invests in the startups later stage rounds.

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