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How to get NSSF  statement online in Kenya 


The National Social Security Fund is a mandatory scheme for every employed Kenyans. Its main objective is to offer all Kenyans a reliable basic financial security benefit. So, the agency is mandated with registering its members both from the informal and formal sectors. However, with the country having technological advancement over the years, you can now register and get NSSF statements online.

How do you register with NSSF?

To begin with, you need to register as a member to get an NSSF statement. So, you can register as an employee or a member of the informal sector. There are two ways of registering; going to the NSSF offices or registering online through the self-service registration portal. 

To apply, you will need the following documents:

  • National Identification card/Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • KRA pin
  • Employer number
  • Payroll number

There are no charges when applying for NSSF membership. But, as a member of the informal sector, you have to pay Ksh200 for the NSSF activation of your membership card.

How to get NSSF statement online

You can easily get NSSF statements by, for instance, going to NSSF offices, via an online portal and mobile-based apps.

How to get an NSSF statement using the mobile phone app

NSSF Mobile app is available on both IOS and Android platforms. Below are the steps in getting an NSSF statement using a mobile-phone:

  1. Install the NSSF app
  2. A prompt will appear for you to create an offline credential using a password and username. Save the details by selecting” save offline login”
  3. A notification “Login Saved” signaling a successful creation of login data.
  4. Click the “OK” button
  5. Use the verified offline login data to access the application features
  6. After a successful login, you will be prompted to select whether you are an employer or member.
  7. Select” Add new member”
  8. You must have registered on the NSSF e-service to continue. If you are registered, input your e-service username, password, and your NSSF number.
  9. If you are not cataloged in the NSSF e-service, click the button, “Not Registered?’Register. Include all the details required, validate, and save. A notification displayed as “Member Created” confirms successful registration.
  10. Click ok and the app will redirect you to a page where a prompt will appear for you to select the indicated identity credentials.
  11. The app will redirect you to a page displaying a member’s account, where you get various options to select.
  12. Select “View Statement”
  13. Download the statement if prompted to and view from your device.

How to get NSSF statement on the self-service portal

This is another method you can use to get an NSSF statement online. However, you must first register within the online portal to take advantage of the web-based system. Below is the procedure:

  1. Launch the NSSF Self- Service Portal on your browser
  2. On the portal, click the “ Member self-service links” option
  3. Select the “NSSF contributions statement” tab
  4. A statement’s account login page displays. Use your username and password to log in. After that, login and enable account privileges.
  5. After logging in, expect a welcome remark. Click on the link provided on the page to continue.
  6. The page redirects you to your account. Therefore, scroll to select the statement period you wish to access. Click on  “Issue account”
  7. As a result, your generated NSSF statement is ready for viewing.

Final Thoughts on NSSF statement

To sum up, with technological advances, you do not have to go to NSSF offices to access your NSSF statement. Also, NSSF is only able to make the NSSF online statement available to its active registered members.  You ought to make your monthly contributions before the 15th of the ensuing month to avoid penalties.

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National Social Security Fund (NSSF) can be reached through their support lines – 0709 583 000, 0730 882 000

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