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How I wrangled a python and fought pandas 🥷🏽


Disclaimer: This is not a Bear Grylls  DIY

A short blog about my transition from Sales and Marketing to Data Science – hope the joke in the title sinks in now 😄

Like many of us, this COVID period has enabled us to have some time for introspection and think out loud while “quaranteeing”. Personally, this has allowed me to think critically about where my interests lie and possible, calculated pursuit of these undying interests.

In simple terms, data science is the discipline of making data useful.

As industries get flooded with newer trends and techniques, businesses may feel the need to understand and adopt these to optimize their data handling and analysis process.

“Data really powers everything that we do.”

Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin

So, why Data Science?

I’ve been doubling between sales and marketing for almost 7 years now and like to believe that what has made me excel as a salesperson is my innate soft skills  – despite being the chairman of introverts.

Therefore, lacking technical skills really bothered me, based on my belief that the pinnacle of proficiency in any discipline involves a 360° understanding of the skill you are trying to learn.

For me, it was understanding how I can use the available information (data) that I have as far as sales is concerned to do what every dedicated salesperson would want – focus on where the big cheques are and close more deals. Simple.

So the question evolves from how do close more deals? how do I close more deals by carefully analyzing, visualizing, and presenting this information in a way in which I can benefit, but my team as a whole and even accommodate the company revenue projections and forecasting to suit both short term and long term goals?

Another interesting trigger? is my love for inbound marketing and the process that you go through planning, strategizing, and executing the work itself. A turn of analysis goes into it and frankly, I was lacking the patience of diving deep into the why’s.

Let the learning begin.

Just like any other inquisitive bird, YouTube is one of our first points of contact. And the beauty of data science is that you do not need any prerequisite skills to learn. Two things are constant, the willingness to learn and fully absorbing yourself in the learning itself. That’s all.

. . . To be continued 
I'll be sharing more about the courses I've been able to complete, sites for free and paid material, YouTube channels and blogs to follow, a community for everything data science as well as cool app reviews to get you started without any hold-up.

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