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It’s been an exciting year for Workpay. We grew in numbers, we held the region’s first ETYA Awards, we moved offices… All cool stuff. 

And now, to announce the GREAT news, the BIG reveal, part of our STORY….

We introduce ……….

Workpay 2.0 🎉

You might be wondering what Workpay 2.0 is all about. It’s our fresh new look system, it’s our promise for simplicity. Our cool design team drew up some designs for our new look, we added some color, some vibrancy, and engineering simplified the processes.

All in one view

In the legacy system, we had 3 applications in one view, HRM, Payouts , and Time and Attendance . This has now been collapsed to one view, this means that you no longer have to click on apps to navigate to the other applications. They are all visible from the left side drawer.


On login, we have introduced our new look dashboard, a breakdown of the important core functions in the system with the view of a simple number. You can navigate through to the menus on the card from here by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of each card.

Employee view and edits

To view an employee’s details, simply go to the Employees and click on the employee name. An overall picture of this employee’s details is given, editing the details is much faster and simpler. Just click on the little pen icon on the card you want to edit and there you go, no more next, next navigation. 

Also added to the employee details to be collected in the country of residence, Emergency contact person.


All employees will be auto-assigned statutory leaves . The user will no longer be required to upload or add leave balances to an employee. They will accrue as per the schedule given, this is on annual leave.

Statutory leaves days can only be edited upwards, they are issued as per the requirement of the Kenya laws. This means that you cannot edit a statutory leave to reflect days below what is required by law.

Certify and Approve

Loans, Expenses, Salary Advance, and Leaves will no longer require the “certify” step, they will only go for approval now. We have minimized the number of steps it takes to complete an employee action.


Employees can now request overtime, admins as well can request overtime on behalf of the employee. Any requests an employee makes will have to be approved by the admin. The admin can also import in bulk overtime hours for their employees for the month. Overtime pay is calculated at x1.5 for weekdays and x2.0 for weekends and holidays are required by law. This will be factored in during the running of payroll.

Employment Types

Employment types now carry more attributes. This will make it easier for admins to classify their employees based on similar attributes to one employment type. The admin then assigns this employment type to the employees and those attributes will be factored in during the running of payroll.

Every day we keep building, we shall keep adding more features to make your Workpay experience more fulfilling as we enable you to do more.

Our promise as always is to have you running payroll seamlessly and your core HR functions without any hitches. We are excited to walk this journey with you.

Be on the lookout for our monthly product updates where we share with you the new and exciting things we have in store for you.

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