You don't need another rollcall.

You need a smarter way to track time & attendance.

WorkPay allows for creation of shifts to track employee worked hours in real-time. WorkPay time and attendance system empowers employees to clock in and out using biometric devices or mobile phones ensuring that the correct employee is at the right workplace at the right time.

What is Workpay?
Everything you need to run your business like clockwork Time tracking, payroll, invoicing, and more. All in one place.

    Here’s how:

  • Track time how you want. Get the insights you need

  • Automate and send payments in snap with workpay

  • Store 100% of your employee data in a central hub

  • Measure productivity with built-in efficiency tools

  • Govern roles and permissions to manage your unique team

  • Dig into business operations with detailed reports

Essential features for exceptional HR Management and Payroll Processing

Manage HR data. Automate HR processes
All those monotonous HR tasks that take endless hours? They now go into a streamlined workflow based on your predefined rules. Stay on top of everything: onboarding, requisitions, leave and more.
Run payroll in minutes
Say goodbye to running payroll manually on those complicated spreadsheets. Run payroll, make approved payments and stay compliant – all in one move. Streamline your payroll and save time and cost along the way. Manage employee datasets, track payments, and more.
Performance Management Whether
OKR or Balanced Scorecard, empower line managers and direct reports with the needed tools to drive a high-performance culture and meet company objectives.
Automate time tracking with Geofencing
Create job sites or shifts where time tracking automatically starts and stops when your team arrives or leaves. Or, set reminders to start upon arrival.