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6 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service in Kenya During a Crisis


Great customer service in Kenya during a crisis, companies that focus on communicating with clarity and consistency are far ahead in fostering a positive customer experience. The COVID 19 global pandemic has forced individuals and businesses to shift how they operate. One of the hardest-hit department in most organizations is often customer service. Customer service professionals are faced with a spike in customer requests for information, increased refunds, cancellations, and stress.

However,  to maintain great customer service in Kenya during a crisis is still possible with a business and crisis management plan.

Here are some tips to help your team provide great customer service even in unexpected situations such as a global pandemic.

Tips for great customer service in Kenya during a crisis

  • Focus on listening to your customers:

During a crisis, customers’ needs and preferences may change. The best way to find out what they want is to listen.

There are various ways customers use to talk to you. Besides surveys, focus on unstructured feedback on your website and social media platforms to get what customers need.

  • Be proactive in communicating with your customers:

Even when a crisis strikes, you should maintain communication with your customers via email, phone calls, chat box, or social medial.

Reach out to them and let them know what you’re doing and also be empathetic and acknowledge how the situation has affected them.

  • Shift your customers to online channels:

Before, businesses relied on physical operations and meeting their customers. But after a crisis, most people were forced to work remotely. Businesses have turned to direct customers online.

A website and social channels are the best places to start engaging with customers.  Ensure your site and social channels have updated content, visuals, and videos to your help in documentation. Hence great customer service.

  • Offer help to customers facing financial distress

When a crisis occurs, businesses suffer from liquidity, late payment of loans, interests, and subscription fees.

You can go the extra mile and reach out to customers facing these challenges and offer them waivers on certain payments or reduce the subscription fees. This can help them manage through the financial crisis at hand.

  • Focus on the customers you already have

When a crisis occurs, many businesses shift their focus to finding new businesses and forget to fulfill the needs of the existing customers.

Your current customers will surely help you stay afloat in the months to come. This is the time to ensure you focus on providing excellent services.

  • Come up with a crisis management plan

Amid a crisis, a lot of business processes change. Enterprises have to put together a task force to help develop realistic policies and practices to steer the business through such hard times.

Also, your customers need to hear that you have a crisis management plan to deal with the situation and meet their needs. Avoid hasty decisions to avoid errors in your business and unnecessary tension to your customers.

Final Thoughts on Great Customer Service in Kenya during a crisis

Although a crisis may affect a lot of businesses, they must strive to provide great customer service.

Good preparation and continuous communication will help your team cope with unwanted pressures.  Also, provide you with a way to support your customers more effectively.

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